Signotec - Zeta E-Signature Pad

Zeta E-Signature Pad

The Signotec Zeta is an unbeatable combination of the two signature pads signotec Sigma and signotec Gamma. During development, explicit attention was paid to perfectly combining the advantages of both models and technologies: The German Design Award-winning design of the signotec Gamma and the robustness of the ER technology meet an affordable monochrome display. Two different pen holders ensure the best ergonomics for the respective application.

Signotec- Zeta E-Signature Pad


  • 4.5" (11.4 cm) Monochrome Display
  • ERT Sensor (Reacts Only to Pen)
  • 1,024 Pressure Stages
  • Battery-Free Pen (Exchangeable Tip)
  • 500 Hz Transmission Rate
  • RSA Encryption of Signatures
  • Life Expectancy: 30M Signatures


  • HID-USB /. WIN-USB Connection
  • Optional Virtual COM-Port (FTDI)
  • Optional USB-Ethernet Adapter

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