Signotec - Sigma E-Signature Pad

Sigma E-Signature Pad

The Signotec Sigma is the smallest signature pad with an approx. 4" (10.4 cm) monochrome display (LCD), which is optionally available with or without backlight. The RTP sensor with a special foil surface captures the handwritten signature with a sampling rate of up to 500 Hz and 1,024 pressure levels. In addition, simple graphics and text information can also be shown on the display of the signotec Sigma.

Signotec- Sigma E-Signature Pad


  • 4" (10.4 cm) Display
  • Screen Resolution: 320 x 160 Pixels
  • Conclusive Signature of PDF Documents
  • Battery-Free Pen, Spring-Loaded Refil
  • Sensor Resolution: 2,214x 1.130 ppi
  • 500 Hz Sampling Rate
  • RSA Encryption of Signatures


  • Configurable Using SignoPad API
  • Optional Virtual COM-Port (FTDI)
  • Optional USB-Ethernet Adapter

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