About MetaDolce Technologies, Inc.

MetaDolce Technologies provides best-in-class biometric and mobile data capture products and integrated solutions to commercial, enterprise, and government organizations, worldwide. Our solutions are specifically designed for Identity Verification, Access Control, Law Enforcement, Border Protection, Time & Attendance, Transportation, and Healthcare applications.

About MetaDolce Technologies

Our Mission

MetaDolce will be your source for mobile biometric and data capture hardware and software solutions. With 10+ brands and scores of software partner options, your mobile data capture and verification needs are well within MetaDolce’s experience and expertise.

With more than 12 years deploying solutions to our customers in the U.S. and Canadian Governments along with industry leaders in Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Healthcare, MetaDolce provides end-to-end project specification, acquisition and deployment.

Our Process

Our Solutions

MetaDolce provides mobile data capture solutions (hardware, software and integration services) to organizations worldwide, transitioning from paper to digital workflows.

Rugged Tablets

Through our partnerships with Gen2Wave, MetaDolce is pleased to provide ruggedized tablet and PC solutions.

Through our partnerships with Iris ID, MetaDolce offers comprehensive Iris Scanning solutions (mobile & fixed).

Through our partnerships with Aratek, MetaDolce offers mobile and installed fingerprint authentication solutions.

Through partnership with RuggON, MetaDolce is pleased to provide rugged, robust mobile PC and terminal solutions.

Through partnership with AsReader, MetaDolce is pleased to provide code scanning solutions for enterprise, network and local area network applications.

Through partnership with Grabba, MetaDolce is pleased to provide iPhone- and Android-enabled mobile biometric data capture sleds and accessories.

Through partnerships with Signotec, MetaDolce is pleased to offer global-standard, scalable handwritten electronic signature solutions.