Iris ID Authentication Solutions

For more than 20 years, Iris ID has been the key developer and driver of the commercialization of iris recognition technology. IrisAccess, now in a sixth generation, Iris ID is the world’s most deployed iris recognition platform, found on six continents and in thousands of locations. Iris ID solutions daily authenticate the identities of millions of individuals around the world.

Iris ID’s IrisAccess® 7000 sets the world standard for iris scanning performance and versatility, utilizing single- and multi-factor authentication. Now in its fourth generation, IrisAccess® is well-paired with Iris ID's new iCAM7 product series.

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Iris ID’s identity verification technologies cover the complete spectrum of authentication applications, including mobile-devices, fixed installations and more.

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Iris ID Biometric Authentication

Iris ID Systems, formerly LG Electronics, was established in the United States in 2002, providing global management responsibility and overall direction for strategy, product development, marketing, sales and distribution of the Company’s iris recognition technology products.

Iris ID Solutions

The iCAM7 series has features no other iris system offers. iCAM7000/7100/7100S enables rapid iris acquisition with greater image collection for superior enrollment and recognition.

The Iris ID Systems iCAM D1000 product line provides a high quality standards compliant iris and face capture solution. iCAM D1000 devices are fully backward compatible with the complete line of iCAM series devices.

Iris ID's IrisAccess® 7000 continues to set the highest standard for performance and versatility for iris recognition.