Gen2Wave Rugged Tablets

Gen2Wave Co., Ltd manufacturers rugged mobile terminals for professionals. Head-quartered in South Korea, Gen2Wave manages product design, R&D and manufacturing, with a product portfolio that consists of Smartphones, Tablets, RFID Readers, and Biometric Terminals: all providing unmatched ease of use, secure installation, and multi-environment operation.

RP70A BIO is a complete EID & Biometric Reading Tablet designed for mobile identity authentication and registration. An all-in-one tablet, the RP70A hosts an integrated professional MRZ scanner, smartcard reader, fingerprint sensor, iris recognition, facial recognition camera, and Barcode Scanner.

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Why Gen2Wave

Advantaging superior R&D infrastructure of South Korea and alliancing with strong Korean technological partners, Gen2Wave has introduced innovative and leading technologies into the market. Our product portfolio consists of a wide range of varieties : Smartphone, Tablet, RFID, Biometric Terminals and software which supports convenient and secure installation and operation. Gen2Wave's family of products has generated unique and exceptional values to its customers.

The RP70A-BIO Rugged Tablet

The RP70A BIO has the latest and powerful Android platform with 1.8GHZ Hexa Core CPU, Android 8.1 Oreo with 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM. All powerful engine enables speedy and seamless processing of robust applications.

Speedy and secure data communication with a remote data center like AFIS is critical to ensure successful field operation. Thus, the RP70A BIO offers latest and advanced technology of connectivity options.

The RP70A hosts professional-grade OCR/MRZ, NFC, Smart Card, Fingerprint and Barcode readers, plus a Camera and Iris Scanner.