Signotec - Omega E-Signature Pad

Omega E-Signature Pad

The Signotec Omega is equipped with an approx. 5" (12.8 cm) colour display and offers signature capture with 1,024 pressure levels and a sampling rate of up to 500 Hz. The classic design with rounded sides makes signing comfortable.

Signotec- Omega E-Signature Pad


  • 5" (12.8 cm) Color Display
  • Screen Resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels
  • Foil Surface for Precise Pen Input
  • Battery-Free Pen, Spring-Loaded Tip
  • 1,024 Pressure Levels
  • 500 Hz Sampling Rate
  • RSA Encryption of Signatures


  • Configurable Using SignoPad API
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Optional NFC Reader

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