Iris ID - iCam R100

At a Glance

The iCam R100 performs high-speed dual iris capture and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant images. Both eyes can be simultaneously captured.

The R100 provides an unparalleled intuitive user interface, which makes the process easier for the user and operator. The R100 is also equipped with an orientation sensor and left and right iris capture management controls which can be selected prior to or during the process.

  • High Speed Iris Capture in a compact package
  • On or Off Device Iris Template Matching
  • Up to 100K User record local 1: 1 second
  • National ID Quality Iris Image – Compliant
  • Intuitive Interface with Virtual LED Indication
  • 5 MP face camera White LED flash
  • Capture Distance 28~38 cm (11~15 Inches)
  • Flexible Mounting Options

Iris ID - iCam R100

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