Grabba - Z-Series Biometric Sled

Z-Series Biometric Sled (Android™)

Grabba Z-Series Sled is a hand-held data capture device designed and developed specifically to solve the needs of Law Enforcement, Security and Border Protection, Emergency Response, Forensic Investigation and others needing mobile biographic validation on Z-Series devices. With multiple forms of biometric capture and identity authentication capabilities, it is a valuable tool for any high security or identity authentication application.

Grabba Z-Series Biometric Sled

Features & Specifications

  • Area Imaging (1D & 2D) Barcode Scanner
  • MRZ Passport Reader
  • High Frequency RFID Reader
  • Magnetic Stripe (MSR) Reader
  • FBI Appendix F Certified FAP 10 Fingerprint Scanner
  • Contact SmartCard Reader


  • Android™ Systems
  • Samsung Galaxy® Devices

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