Grabba Biometric Sleds

Grabba is built on a platform of mobility, with research and development at its core. Providing an ideal solution for a new smarter, more sophisticated world, Grabba products support law enforcement and border protection, improve security for business and holiday travelers, and keep people safer at entertainment venues, convention centers and sporting arenas.

Grabba A-Series sleds incorporate the latest biometric technologies into a unit that empowers government departments and other authorities to execute safer and more reliable identity registration and verification.

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The Grabba H is a hand-held device used with a tablet by Law Enforcement, Security and Border Protection, Emergency Response Corps and other first responders.

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Q-Series Smartphone Sleds, designed for 4th and 5th generation iPhone and iPod Touch devices, enable mobile data capture of barcodes, magnetic stripe cards, and RFID tags.

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The Grabba Z-Series is an advanced hand-held Smartphone Sled designed for Law Enforcement, Border Protection and Corrections

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Grabba Biometrics Capture Sleds

Grabba pioneered the secure connectivity of up to eight simultaneous technologies: Barcode Readers , Fingerprint Scanners, Smartcard & Magnetic Stripe Readers, Passport Readers, RFID (Read/Write), and E-Signature Capture. Customized your Grabba sled to include any combination of these cutting-edge technologies.

Grabba SmartPhone Sleds

Grabba barcode scanners are found in all vertical markets including retail, mobile fleets, asset management, education and government.

The Grabba Smartcard Reader will read the contact Smartcard data only however you can order Combination Grabba devices that can read other data capture technologies in the same unit.

Read and write securely to any application area on iCLASS-SE® credentials using the Grabba SDK. Allows straightforward migration by supporting low and high frequency credentials.

The Grabba Fingerprint reader is based on Morpho’s proprietary optical technology and biometric algorithms, which are both known worldwide for their high levels of accuracy and performance.