AsReader - ASR-020D Barcode Reader

ASR-020D Barcode Reader (Apple iOS®)

The AsReader ASR-020D Barcode reader is used by attaching to the iPhone, iPod Touch and other terminals using the Lightning connection. In addition to the various one-dimensional barcode, a two-dimensional barcodes such as PDF417, QR Code, Aztec, RSS, and Composite are also supported in the U.S. and U.K.

AsReader - ASR-020D Barcode Reader


  • CMOS: 1D & 2D Image Sensor
  • Min. Resolution: 0.102mm~0.508mm
  • Distance: 50~760mm (1.97"~29.92")
  • 2D Codes: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Datamatrix
  • QR Micro QR, Aztec, RSS, Composite
  • US Planet, US PostNet and More.


  • iOS15 or later (except iOS9.2.x)
  • IP54 Compliant
  • Certifications: Apple MFi / FCC / CE

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