RuggON - Ruggear

At a Glance

RuggON, with decades of ruggedized mobile solution expertise strives to improve productivity in harsh environments. The company's Peripheral Series features fingerprint, UHF/RFID and SmartCard readers, plus a 3D camera.



Fingerprint - Reader

Designed with IPX5 and FIPS 201 PIV certification, RuggON's RSK-FPR01 Fingerprint Reader scans and verifies an individual's biometric characteristics. And can be easily integrated via a USB interface while also supporting Windows Hello plug and play.

Supported Models

UHF/RFID - Reader

Supporting 902MHz-928MHz and 916.8MHz-920.8MHz resolutions, RuggON's UHF01 UHF/RDIF Reader scans up to 3M (dependent on tag installation and environment), and is compliant with EPC global Class 1 Gen 2/ ISO18000-6C. RSK-UHF01 is suitable for fleet management and warehouse management applications.

Supported Models

RuggON - 3D Camera

RuggON's' RSK-CAM01 3D Camera can fast perform facial recognition and conduct dimensional measurements 'on the go.'

Supported Models

SmartCard/NFC - Reader

RuggON's RSK-SN01 SmartCard Reader supports NFC Frequency 13.56 MHz and is compliant with smart card reader ISO 7816 to read and write more quickly and efficiently. RSK-SN01 is perfectly suitable for warehouse, law enforcement, emergency, and border control sectors.

Supported Models

RuggON - Support

RuggPad Peripherals

RuggGear - Fingerprint Reader- RSK-FPR01

RuggGear - UHF RFID Reader - RSK-UHF01

RuggGear - 3D Camera

RuggGear - SmartCard Reader

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