Iris ID - Authentication Technology

At a Glance

Of all the biometric technologies used for human authentication today, it is generally conceded that iris recognition is the most accurate.

Coupling this high confidence authentication with factors like outlier group size, speed, usage/human factors, platform versatility and flexibility for use in identification or verification modes – as well as addressing issues like database size/management and privacy concerns – iris recognition has also shown itself to be exceedingly versatile and suited for large population applications.

  • Stable – the unique pattern in the human iris is formed by 10 months of age, and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime.
  • Unique – the probability of two rises producing the same code is nearly impossible.
  • Flexible – iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone.
  • Reliable – a distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss or compromise.
  • Non-Invasive – unlike retinal screening, iris recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative, from distances as far as 3″ to 10″.

Iris ID - Authentication Technology

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