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Iris ID's INSIDE is an Iris Authentication application for the Corrections Industry. INSIDE brings the speed and accuracy of iris recognition to the Book & Release processes of correctional facilities--reducing risks of identity-related errors in transfer, or work-release management, with the following functions:

  • Intake
    A subject being booked is told to look into an IrisAccess iCAM4000 series camera. Digital pictures are taken of both eyes. The best images are selected and quality-graded, then verified, and turned into mathematical representations, or biometric templates.
  • History Check
    A data entry complete with digital picture is quickly made. Sending it to the database triggers the function that will automatically flag any existing iris enrollment in the system. The name, picture, and selected data from the database record is printed on a wristband at the touch of a button, and then placed on the subject’s wrist.
  • Release
    Confirmation of the individual’s identity is made in seconds with a quick glance in the iris camera; relevant details regarding the inmate’s name and release circumstances are automatically entered into the record and readied for printing on a new wristband.

  • Supports all iCAM7 series Camera Units
  • iCAM4000 series Support Available
  • Comes with Power Supply Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Handles Large Database to 100,000 Users
  • Programmable Alarm Inputs and Outputs
  • Programmable Relays for Customized Functions
  • Available with 2 Remote Channel Wiegand In/Output
  • Surface Mount Installation
  • ICU Case Lock


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