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Time & Attendance

Workforce management has evolved from punch cards and time-clocks to Employee Cards with mobile device and PC applications. Verifying identity for admittance, Employee Cards carry and transmit a worker's arrival and departure in real time.

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MetaDolce supplies mobile and fixed authentication solutions utilizing fingerprint, iris scan, card reader and electronic signature biometrics.


Mobile Workforce read more

MetaDolce provides mobile data capture solutions for mobile workforce management and package delivery identity verification and confirmation.

Access Control read more

With public venues transitioning to electronic tickets, access approval can be authenticated on-site via biometric data capture devices from MetaDolce.

Transportationread more

Whether you're boarding an airplane or riding across town on the subway, your access depends on e-tickets. Read them all with mobile devices from MetaDolce.

Healthcare read more

Medical identity cards are now carrying critical information, streamlining the integration and management of the services we depend upon most.

Solutions - ID Verification



The RP70A-BIO is a complete EID & Biometric Reading Tablet designed for on-site mobile identity registration, verification and authentication.


S Series Sleds

Grabba S-Series smartphone sleds are hand-held data capture devices designed and developed specifically for mobile identity authentication.


2D Barcode Scanner

AsReader's 2D barcode scanner is used in retail/POS, logistics, transportation and in hospitals worldwide (private and public).

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