Aratek - Marshall Smart Terminal

At a Glance

The new Aratek Marshall is an all-in-one device for easy identification and authentication anywhere. It is designed for demanding conditions that require portability and accuracy.

Using advanced fingerprint capture technology and the patented BIONE biometric engine, the Aratek Marshall is the intelligent choice for identification and authentication applications, including voter registration and authentication, census, border control, financial inclusion, welfare distribution, SIM card activation, and Time & Attendance management.

  • Fingerprint Authentication - FBI certified scanner FAP 20, 30, 45
  • High-speed Printer - 2-inch thermal high-speed printer
  • Credential Scanner - NFC, 2D Barcode, Smart Card Reader
  • MRZ Reader - Supports ICAO and international standards
  • Facial Recognition - 13MP camera and Aratek TrustFACE engine
  • Wireless Communications - Supports 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Extended Battery Life - 10000mAh battery capacity for 14 hours operation
  • Open Operating System - Android 8.1 / Android Go

Aratek - Marshall Smart Terminals

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